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Education Otherwise Than at School

A Local Authority can arrange for your child's special educational needs to be met via an 'Education Otherwise than at School' package if it considers that your child's special educational needs cannot be met within a school setting. 

If the Local Authority agrees that your child requires an 'Education Otherwise than at School' package then it must pay the full costs. 

Parents may wish their child to be educated through Home-Based programmes such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Son-Rise, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Greenspan, Growing Minds, Verbal Behaviour (VB), etc...

This is the most complex area of Special Education Law and if you are considering requesting an 'Education Otherwise than at School' package from your Local Authority then you urgently need to seek expert legal advice at the earliest convenience.

We have represented a large number of parents seeking such provision and recently secured the largest award for a Home ABA Programme (65 hours per week of ABA tuition for 48 weeks of each year).

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