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Exclusion Appeals

The Right to appeal an exclusion will depend upon a number of factors such as the type of exclusion.  In relation to a Fixed Term exclusion it will depend upon the number of days the child has been excluded within a certain timeframe.  It is always best to seek professional legal advice early on as often matters can escalate within a fairly short timeframe.

The Head Teacher of the school can amend the exclusion after further investigation.  Often a child is put on a fixed term exclusion for a short period of time whilst further investigations take place.  Early advice can sometimes remedy matters quickly and avoid the need to appeal to the Governing Body or Independent Appeal Panel (dependent upon relevant factors).

I have dealt with a high level of Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusions over an extended period of time and will be happy to assist you if your child has been excluded from school. Click here for further information about exclusion appeals.

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